Coffee. Sparkle. Spice.
That sums up me… and my books.

I’ve always believed romance novels are special — and if you’re here, I’m guessing you know they’re about more than a few swoons and that HEA’s

For me, writing romance is about exploring the relationships in our lives and what happens when we take a chance on our dreams (be that the hot hero or the job you’ve always wanted). It’s about learning who’s really got your back; what true love feels like; and finding the strength to pursue it all, no matter the obstacles.

My characters have a lot to learn and even more to gain — but they have plenty of fun along the way. Inside my books you’ll find strong heroines, heroes who find them irresistible, and at least one scene involving comfort food (I can’t be the only one on a quest to find the gooiest chocolate chip cookie, can I?!).

Despite living in New England for most of my life, I still consider myself a Jersey girl at heart and while I once had Broadway aspirations, being an author means I now get to play all the roles! As the only female in my household (I live with a husband, two sons and two tomcats), I almost always wear some sparkle along with my comfy clothes. Coffee is a non-negotiable ingredient of my morning- nothing happens without it.

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