Bearded man in the center of a book cover. There's an orchard at the bottom. The title reads BRING BACK HER HEART
Elena Markem

Bring Back Her Heart

Kissing him is a risk.
Working with her is a challenge.
Once things start brewing… it’s all going to come to a head

Laurel Stewart needs to know her brewery can be successful without the “help” of her seven older brothers. That means making a Be Brave List and proving she can handle a little risk. And one of those risks involves kissing her long-time crush — her oldest brother’s best friend, Hunter.

Stunt performer Hunter Davis is in town to sell his family’s orchard and make one last attempt to please his mother. When he promises to watch out for his best friend’s little sister, the last thing Hunter expects is to end up in business – and in bed – with Laurel.

As Laurel revels in her newfound freedom and her growing feelings for Hunter, she continues to check things off her list. And the more time Hunter spends in Fable Notch, the more he feels like it’s home — and the less he wants to return to Hollywood. But when Hunter’s secret promise is revealed, Laurel’s determination to break free could break both their hearts.