Elena Markem

Just Right for Him

Three weddings.
Two new friends.
One more night couldn’t hurt.

Ryan Sinclair would be looking forward to his brothers’ weddings – if it weren’t for his meddling mother. Nothing is going to stop her matchmaking until he settles down with a local girl. But Ryan knows that love and freedom don’t go together. So the best way to get a little peace is to find a date in Fable Notch. Or at least a fake one.

Sheridan Behr has never had an interest in romance – if her mother’s four marriages have taught her anything, it’s that love and stability don’t go together. Knowing there’s a good chance she’ll have to fend off unwanted advances at the weddings, Sheridan accepts Ryan’s unexpected proposal.

He’s the perfect reverse-wingman. Maybe too perfect?

As their feelings go from too hot, to too cold, to just right, Ryan and Sheridan find themselves having to reconsider what they believe about love — because what started as an act is becoming all too real.

It’s time to celebrate three weddings and a brand new romance in Fable Notch. Filled with familiar couples, Just Right for Him is for anyone who craves fresh cinnamon rolls, unexpected chemistry, and finding love when you least expect it.