Elena Markem

Meant To Be His

He’s lost everything.

She’s afraid of what she’s got.

Sometimes, first love needs a second chance…

In the space of six months, Nick Hanson’s perfect life has fallen apart. Faced with the loss of his best friend, his fortune, and his job, he’s returned to the New Hampshire town of Fable Notch to wait out the disaster.

For Nick, this is just an unfortunate interlude — a chance to hatch a plan that will have New York begging for his return. Until he crosses paths with an injured dog and his past comes knocking…

For veterinarian Dani Vaughn, Fable Notch has always been home, so she leaps at the opportunity to take over the local animal clinic when the town vet retires. Six months in, she couldn’t be happier — or more nervous that she’s not up to the job.

Eager to prove herself, Dani steps up to manage a key event in the town’s upcoming summer festival. But when her new work partner is the man who broke her heart, Dani’s work/life balance gets complicated. Nick let her down once before — and it’s not like he has a reason to stay in Fable Notch.

As old feelings start to resurface, so too do old fears, and Nick and Dani are forced to rely on each other like never before.

But that may be exactly why the spark between them is burning brighter than ever…