This Time For Us

He wants her back.
She wants him gone.
Can a fake engagement solve everything?

Rock star Cole Hanson has always taken care of the people in his life—first his younger brothers and now his bandmates. It wasn’t a role he chose, but he’s good at it and it brings security to the people who matter to him. But when a near-death experience forces Cole to decide what he wants, there’s only one name on his lips…

Mia Durant’s heart (and her singing career) was crushed by Cole years ago. Between her work as an ER nurse and raising her best friend’s son, she doesn’t have time for anything more, least of all second chances. But when Mia is on the brink of losing everything — again —  Cole offers her a solution she can’t refuse.

Problem is, that solution involves a huge, though temporary, diamond on her finger. Now Mia has to keep her world on track while guarding her heart, something she’s never been able to do around her first love.

When Cole’s fame endangers Mia’s welfare he’s faced with the ultimate test of responsibility. How can he be with the only woman he’s ever loved and still keep her safe?